Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Sneak Peak ~ Aufstrag

But he feared the Val Eahrakun and in his fear roused himself, and fortified the Keep of Al-Liosh anew. Rending the earth with a great axe he clove huge rifts about the Imperial castle, destroying the city of Al-Liosh. He destroyed the inner city, turning it into rubble, driving it into the ground. With sorceries he created great pools of water and pestilence to cover the rent lands. And all of Aenoch between the rivers Udunilay and Uphrates was made a swamp of fell death. Then, lifting the ground on high, he made a true mountain of slag amidst tumbled buildings and set his high citadel atop. The slag itself he fashioned in the shape of a tree, thousands of feet high, a grim mockery of Wenafar and the Great Tree in the west. All this he surrounded with mighty buttresses and fell towers. And this abode he named anew, calling it Festung Aufstrag, the Citadel of Command. The ruins of Al-Liosh sprawled underneath Aufstrag and into the countryside far around.

In time of years Aufstrag became a cesspool of all things vile. It became a living thing, a hell. Tunnels, great and small, fanned out beneath the halls into the rock of the world, towers and buttresses rose into the sky, and the fortress city sprawled out through the maimed countryside. Within, the construction never ceased, as walls were torn down and new ones built, rooms filed in or hollowed out. Aufstrag's bulk proved large enough that all those within could build and rebuild to their eye's desire. And so they did.

Eventually twenty one domains were established and each of these comprised many levels of rooms and ramps, tunnels, halls and stairs. They bore such names as the Bone Halls, and the Horned God's Acre and they housed terrors; nightmares born of Unklar's fell design or worse, those of their own ill intent. So that Aufstrag became the embodiment of evil in Aihrde and all things that sought a place in that domain dwelt there.


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