Thursday, July 03, 2014

Of the Making of the Wall

As the war raged, Erde rose into the heavens. Taking note that the world was flat and unbound, he turned his attention to its edges and called forth a great mist to bind the world on all sides. Beyond lay the Void, and the creatures of that realm, the many beings of his early crafting, and too there were many scattered thoughts of the All Father, thoughts which took shape in the great unknown, without his desire. Some of these were greater than others, but none accounted more than Corthain, Mordius, Thorax and the Darkness of Erde's dreams. The mist he set as a wall to guard his creation against the Void and the tinkering of his youth. Creatures could not easily pass from the Void to the world, and those who tried were lost in the seething clouds, cursed, or blessed, to live out their days in abject loneliness. 

The Sisters found their way through, and this was as Erde intended, for they were of his own desire. At first Ea-Vette passed into the mist and night came to the world, but Ea-Raena hesitated and the light of the moon remained. But she followed her sister and the track she made in the mist. And this was as a hidden road, fraught with danger for any who might sell it. And the dwarves called it the Rirm ot Sul, that is the Path of the Sun, and later Anderoth's Track.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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