Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Movie News

Looks like Warner Brothers has picked up Odysseus and is running with him, hiring the director from Stalingrad, a Russian fellow, to manage the pick. The script is being worked on now and is planned to be one of those large, hollywood epic films. This could be very promising, something in the tune of Gladiator or Troy.

In other news Max Von Sydow has joined the crew of Dragons 3D wherein he plays a psychiatrist who treats a young ladies dragon-filled troubled dreams. It takes the documentary approach toward dragons and their kin, the history and outlook. This is set to release in the U.S. on August 1.

And lastly here is a preview for the new Bill Murray Film. Its in the company bi-laws that anytime Bill Murray does something we have to promote it. He's just that cool.


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Christopher D. said...

Yeah, that looks like a fun one. Maybe a bit formulaic, but Murray can pull that off and get the laughs even when you already know the punchline.