Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Morphing Robots

The U.S. Military has long pushed for shape changing robots and engineers are making a breakthrough over at M.I.T. They developed a method of robotizing silicons that can become rigid when cooled off and soft when heated up, allowing the robot to move under doors, through window cracks etc etc. It involves wax, polyurethane and a lot of know how.

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But this is an interesting and huge leap forward, joined with the drones that are being deployed everywhere, and waiting for the singularity moment, we may be in for an interesting future. The assumption is, for many, that humans are bumbling violent creatures that need self control. This is followed by the assumption that other life forms can reason through all our emotions and will be peaceful and analytical.

This is a complete misreading of the biologic and territorial imperative to control resources in order to procreate. Anyone who thinks the zebra likes the lion because they thin the heard hasn't lived under the constant terror that the lion posses.

Once the singularity moment is reached, we have to be on our guard or its going to go all Matrix on us.