Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Walking Dead

I don't watch these as they roll out, I use Apple TV and just buy the season and watch them as the mood takes me. With that in mind I've only watched the first two episodes and much as last year ended this year begins. The chronicle picks up several months later, after winter, as the remnants of the farm  house group struggle to survive in a world of zombies.

They all seem to have wizened a bit and have become seasoned zombie hunters. This is a relief as if every a group of morons deserved to be eaten by the living dead it was the never-listen-to-the-sheriff-band of misfits from season 2. It seemed every episode someone would wander off after he told them to stay put until he returns and all hell would break loose.

The Sheriff finally gets merciless.

But 3 starts with a bang and hacks it way through walls of zombie from episode 1 right into episode 2. Very good stuff. Check it out.

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