Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Horn of White and Emerald

Long ago the elven smiths set their minds to making weapons of war. Bound to the worlds of fey they longed to return to the world's of men and right the wrongs of the evil that dwelt there so long. So their forges smoked hot, crafting swords of steel, long axes, yew bows and arrows long; but other tools besides these were fashioned. The Horn of White and Emerald was one such.

The elves harvested strands of spider's web and hardened it with ivory, pulled from the wild erok's tusk, into thin strips of aluthian. The ivory white aluthian they cut with their long knives, and this they used to fashion the horn itself. As white as clouds, hard as iron, the horn carried simple notes far and wide. But they set it in a chain of gold and bound emeralds into the chain and set them in the horn and fashioned the Horn of White and Emerald. Its clear and pure sound brought hope to the friends of elves and terror to their foes.

The Horn of White and Emerald is a war horn of chaos and good. Only someone with a chaotic good alignment can sound the horn. When it sounds it emboldens those around the horn blower, giving friends a +1 on all their attacks, all the while that it disheartens those who oppose him, and they suffer a -1 on attacks. But more than that it summons the grey wolves the elves love so much. Small and lithe they arrive upon the field in a packs of 1-12 for each time the horn is sounded. The horn can be sounded four times before it plays out and cannot be sounded again for four days. The wolves obey the command of the elf sounding the horn.

post script: I changed this from the original. I didn't like it.

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