Saturday, February 26, 2011

TrollCon East and (late) weekend sale

Quick announcement: Because of the trip, the weekend sale is a little later going out. But it's up now. Until midnight Sunday, we will have Of Gods & Monsters in PDF on sale for $9.99 and Monsters & Treasure in Hardcover for $9.99.

Now onto TrollCon East... So far, things couldn't be going better.  We had a good turnout last night and some lively discussions.  Today we'll be playing some games, giving things away, and generally trying to cause as much mayhem and fun as possible.  So if you are in or near New Jersey, come out to All Things Fun today at 4 and join us, we would love to meet you, play some games and hang out!  For those of you who can't make it, you can go to there website and watch the fun on their live web feed, which is also recorded and stored there too. 
Ed and Dina have a tremendous store, filled with games, toys, hobbies, you name it.  Plenty of space for us Trolls to move around in and are just really great folks.  Check the yfrog feed at the bottom of this post for more pics from our journey and from the Con. 
New Jersey is great, we have found a Trader Joe's! Going to go ogle all the food and try to see if there is a way I can make some of it survive the long trip back to Arkansas.  But first, we need breakfast.  Both Steve and myself are big breakfast fans, so if anyone knows where we should eat near Berlin, NJ, post a comment and let us know!
More later from All Things Fun...

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Anthony Simeone said...

Drance aka Anthony here again, checking in! I ahold be ther tonight no later than 6 pm! Hope I don't miss put on the good stuff!