Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Troll Con East!

Hey all, thought you would want to know that the plans for Troll Con East have been finalized.  It's been a long time coming, lots of stops and starts (not as many as the CKG but you get the idea) but it's finally here.  Talked to Ed Evans today, and while it's yet to be posted on the TLG website, I can give you the details here.  Hopefully we will see a lot of you out there! It's going to be at Ed's establishment, All Things Fun.  They've got a great set up and plenty of room to have a great time.  It will start February 25 and go through February 27.  Here's what we have lined up:

Friday Feb. 25
6-8pm Meet and greet the Troll Lord and the TLG crew: Ask questions, talk, eat, drink, be very merry
8-10pm C&C game: We'll do a sort of introduction to Castles and Crusades, play with the Troll kind of gaming

Saturday Feb. 26
4-8:30pm Play C&C: This is where you can let your game go wild, plenty of time to game and chat.
9-10pm Match wits with Steve: Challenge the Troll Lord himself in a crazy game Ed has.  This should be a lot of fun. Compete against Steve for fun and prizes!
10-12pm Play C&C: More down and dirty gaming, late into the night
Midnight Steve's Massive Melee: If we have enough players present, Steve will run his classic Dungeon Crawl. It can fit as many players as we have and nothing but hack, slash death, and adventure!

Sunday Feb. 27
6am--Breakfast at Tiffany's, well, really at All Things Fun with the Trolls
Join us for bagels and Steve Chenault as we toast with plastic champagne flutes and break bread with Steve one last time before he heads back to the wilds of Arkansas.

So that's it.  So please come join us if you can, you will not be disappointed. Directions and contact information for All Things Fun can be found at his website, oddly named allthingsfun.net. :-) And check our website in the upcoming day for any more info and any updates.

Oh! I forgot to mention that those of you who can't make it, we are planning on having a live video stream of the goings on.  Ed has the technology and we will use it!  Very excited.  When I know how it will work, I'll let you know, or if Ed reads this, maybe he will be kind enough to comment about it. :-)

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