Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Forums and Testimonials

Earlier I was looking around the Troll Lord Games forums, reading posts and answering a few questions in our Q&A section and realized I might not have posted any information about the new topic I've started on the forums.  Here's a quote from the Troll Lord's post in there:

Greeting All,

As the information from the Dens becomes ever more constant, whether you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, the Tusk, or pony express, it seems a fitting time to open up a Q&A on the forums. Tim Burns will monitor the Q&A directing Steve/Davis/Mark/Todd or himself to answer questions that pop up that might be directed at them that might otherwise have been missed due to dronken sloth.

So if you have any question you'd like to direct at the Trolls here the place

Troll Lord

This is an attempt to give all of you more direct access to us and to get your questions answered in a more timely manner.  Many of the dedicated forum users help answer questions about the game, Cons, etc. But if you have a question that is for TLG, then this is the place to ask it.  I'll check it each day and answer if I can, or direct it to someone who can.

As I was wandering around the forums, I noticed a question about testimonials. One of the forum members posted a link as to why people play Castles and Crusades that is on the TLG site here: Why Play C&C? And this got me to thinking it would be nice to have people saying why they like C&C again.  So for anyone that wants to post a comment for this blog, I'll start compiling a list and figure out a place to put an updated testimonials page on our site.


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