Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sales and TrollCon East

Alright, first things first.  This will likely be the last blog before Steve and I get on the road to New Jersey.  We are going to leave tonight, and hopefully roll into Ed's All Things Fun a few hours early in time to get a shower and shave in before the festivities begin.  The schedule for TrollCon East is posted in an earlier blog so I won't rehash it here but feel free to check it out and please join us if you are near New Jersey.  Just because we are going to be on the road doesn't mean we will be out of contact; we plan to post pictures of the trip, and put up news and blogs from the weekend.  Ed promises there is a live feed of the thing too, so those that want, can check us out and see what kind of trouble Steve is getting into and watch me get hit in the face with a pie.

Hardcover CKGs are shipping!  Slowly but surely the pre-orders are being built and shipped just as fast as we can.  It will be a bit before everyone get theirs, but we are working hard, I promise you that.

Now onto you may have noticed (and I hope you have), we have ramped up our sales, trying to offer as many options to people to save as we can.  Thought it might help everyone to know what the schedule is right now.  Mondays I put about 5 or 6 things on sale, a mix of print and pdf.  Tuesdays is our Facebook only Two for Tuesday sale, where you buy one, get one free either in pdf or print and only announced on our FB page.  Wednesdays we have our 2 hour fire sale blitz where something will be announced during the day and on a huge markdown, but only for 2 hours.  Friday is the twitter only sale, where one item (sometimes more but you have to look for them) in the print shop is on sale and only announced in our Twitter feed.  Then for the weekend we will have two items, one pdf and one print on markdown for 48 hours. 

You might notice a hole here.  Thursday.  I had nothing for Thursday until a few minutes ago. We had a good response to 2 hour Wednesday, so for now, I'm going to do a Three Hour Thursday.  At some point today and every Thursday, we'll put something either in pdf or print for at least 50% off.  So be looking out for that a little later today on here, Facebook, Twitter, all the usual spots. 

So technically this isn't my last blog before we go, is it?  I promise to be short in the next one about the sale. :-)


Ed Evans said...

Oh yes! There will be pie in the face for Tim. And hopefully CKG's for All Things Fun! Troll-Con East attendees to purchase!?!

Also you'll be able to watch all the fun live at:

See you guys soon!


Anthony Simeone said...

Hello from South Jersey! Eagerly awaiting your arrival, can't wait to meet you guys! And uh, YES PLEASE PLEASE bring some hardcover CKGs for us South Jersey gamers, so we can take them directly from your hands! Talk about free shipping! ;-)

See you on Saturday night!