Monday, February 07, 2011

Other News

If you haven't checked out the blog about the CK Guide, please do so here:

Despite the issues with the CKG, Troll Lord Games and Castles & Crusades marches on.  We've just released Crusader Journal 24 in PDF form (for those of you that didn't get the free one with our twitter #tlgpromo) and you can get that here:  Also, we will be having a special bundled PDF sale very soon, so watch for that.

The Troll Lord himself and a few of us other TLG folk will be guest hosting a chat at Beautiful Brains from 9-10 EST Thursday Feb. 17. It's a great way to chat online with some of the TLG people and ask them what you want to know. More info here: Troll Lord Chat

We are discontinuing the Codex of Erde in print form.  We have about 20 left and they are marked down over 90%.  Get yours quick as we expect they will go pretty fast.  This link will take you right to it: Codex of Erde.

That's all for now... Hopefully I'll have more news on the CK Guide, TrollCon East and the bundled special for you later tonight or tomorrow.  

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