Monday, February 07, 2011

Important News -- CK Guide Update

Hey Folks,

As many of you know we are in the binding process for the CKG. We've pulled some amazingly long days (20 hours for Tim and I this past Friday) for the last 2 weeks. We've basically been working out kinks and problems and attempting to learn this new craft. The sad thing is that we did not have time (largely due to releases schedules for the trade market) to allow ourselves more time to learn this new craft. So many mistakes were made and much knowledge learned the only real way you can learn getting ass deep into it and figuring it out. Which we've done, and then some.

All good fun and frustration and all that.

I won't go into all the problems we've had...almost everything chose now to break, from our cover printer to the dolly, Davis even managed to break our Goliath of a cutter, no easy task that...but they have certainly added to the time table. Multiple problems existed but a board warping was the worse. The board tended to curl up from the book block. This was largely due to the glue mixture and type.

On Saturday afternoon we thought we broke through and produced the first solid copies of the book. We waited for the book to settle and it did and it looked great. So we did another one following the same procedure and it worked great. Starting late Saturday night we began mass producing these things. It was just Tim and I at this point and we pumped out about 40 in no time. Great fun, excitement, etc etc. These are the pics the frog gave you. [url+]Frog[/url].

However, Sunday morning arrived and a slight curling had occurred. The books had continued to settle. With even more determination and now with Davis arriving (he's real good with all sorts of chemicals) we returned to the drawing board. We discovered the board the manufacture sold us was chip board, not davey board. And that, more than likely, accounts for the warping. As company quartermaster this is my fault I should have been more diligent in what product we were ordering (he used the word board, so the sales rep probably assumed I knew, even as I assumed he know etc etc). I've posted the pics below. Note: the glue on the cover wipes off, this book was not wiped down after set.

So where this leaves us is with board that warps and another few days before we can get new board in. Which delays the CKG yet again.

Now, you guys have been insanely patient. 5 years for some, months for many pre-orders. We really appreciate that. You don't know how much joy we take out of making games for this crew, that being you guys.

But I know also that it is time to get these books into your hands. With that in mind. I'm going to offer up these options for pre-order folks:

1) We can offer you a full refund with shipping and you can order again in the next few weeks after it is definitely out.

2) You can take a partial refund of $10.00 + 1/2 of your shipping and we can get you a perfect bound edition out by Thursday. We are UV coating covers tomorrow for these and they need a day or so to dry real good before we bind them.

3) We can ship you one of the books we have already printed. Please check out the photos below and make sure you are happy with the book. If you are we will ship it immediately as is. For your pains we'll toss in something free here.

4) Wait another week or such. We will ship when we are happy with final product.

Email comments, thoughts, order changes here: ckg at

If you don't want to change your order, no need to email, unless you just want to yell at me or vent, which is fine! ;)

Again, I appreciate your patience in this and completely understand any and all frustration.


Post Script: This same problem has carried over to the MT of Aihrde and Gods and Monsters. But the fix for those books is much easier and we can ship those on Wednesday/Thursday with no problem.

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Anonymous said...

Steve, if we preordered and don't do anything, will you default to option 4?

Troll Lord Games said...

Hey, it's Tim answering you, but the answer is yes, if you do nothing, we will ship it out to you when it is to our satisfaction, obviously ASAP. if you decide you need/want to make a change, email us at: and let us know. Thanks again to you and all for being so patient and understanding. -- Tim

Keith Strickland said...

Thanks for the update guys. Sorry you are having so many problems. :(

C&C is an awesome RPG and the CKG totally looks to be worth the wait!

Anonymous said...


Chill... you are almost there... Great things take time. Within a month I'll have the CKG...Fine with me.....

Joe Collins

Troll Lord Games said...

Thanks guys, we really appreciate the support. We will get it all figured out and out to you all soon as we can.