Friday, February 11, 2011

Inside the Main Troll Den

Waiting on paper, boards, mail, etc.  Snow slows EVERYTHING down in the south.  Won't be here until noon at least, so we set to work on new products, sales, answering emails, filling orders, making books, tweeting, writing, drinking Dr. Pepper, trying to keep our feet warm. 

First big thing of the day, adding Fields of Battle in PDF to and Took a while to get all the files set to PDF form and configured then uploaded but it is now there and you can get your copy now by clicking this: Fields of Battle.  It's got everything you can get in print form, including the terrain tiles and Siege Engine stuff from Fat Dragon Games.

We are still adding more stuff to our Amazon storefront, trying to get all of that laid out so that if you want to, you can order through them. Mark has been printing like a demon on the digests and Curse of the Khan, which should be available in less than two weeks from now. 

Let's see, what else?  Twitter Friday special is up and going through Midnight (hint: there are other specials in there as well), we still have our Customer Appreciation sale going, too.   There are some great deals going on there, so you should check it out before they are gone.  One popular item has been our starter pack, called the Castle and Crusade: Starter Guide.  You can get, I think, 4 items at over 50% off, including screens, Players Handbook, etc.

Steve has been, in between swills of Dr. Pepper and jumping up and down and acting goofy, working on a Troll's Tusk; check the facebook page for when that is done. It's always interesting to work in the main Den, I'm here a few times a week, more when we are testing print and everyone is working on the CKG, but usually I'm further north, working away inside my office.  But hanging out with the Troll Lord for a day is just like it was when we were back in college.  Fun.  Frenetic.  Nutso.  Imagine living in a pinball machine and watching the silver ball ping back and forth, up and down, slamming off things and generally wreaking havoc.  That's what it's like working with Steve (aka stickboy) for a day.  As crazy as it all is, it's still some of the most fun you can have legally.  We are very lucky...

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