Thursday, August 13, 2015


Headphones are as essential to the modern gamer as dice are to the table top. They need them to block out noise, communicate with other gamers, here the nuances of their youtube instruction videos and catch all the mayhem delivered to their visual and auditory canals in the sensory driven platform.

Play GTA just for a little while and without proper sound you miss all the people cussing at you as you careen down the street at 90 miles an hour.

So to bring us a good look at the big daddy of headphones is a great article over at wired. The Audeze EL-2. Here's a snippet...

I listened to a pair through a $1,700 Antelope Audio Zodiac headphone amp, and, when I shut my eyes I’m pretty sure I saw a ring of shimmering angels blowing platinum trumpets and plucking harps strung with unicorn gut.

These are not the Audeze by the by.

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