Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Iregal, God of Orcs

Iregul sat upon the edge of the deep crevice that gave him birth and watched the spring unfold. Before him lay a wide valley of lush greens and in it man-things cut the earth and dropped seed into it. He watched and the more he watched the greater is ire grew until at last he hated them. But the sun was bright and burned his eyes and he waited. At last, a cloud, dark and troubled rolled overhead and he leapt from the hole. Crossing the ground in seconds he fell upon the men, using their plow as an axe he clove them down, slaying them in bloody retribution for his life. In this he was the first and all others looked to him as a god.

Iregul stands high in the songs of the orcs for he was the first to venture out from their caves in the Marl. He slew several men and took their tools and turned them into weapons. Thus began the long story of the orc war against almost all peoples. He is held up as a mighty warrior, fearless and unconquerable.

Iregul is always carved from some form of hard ore and is depicted as a very large orc, with broad shoulders, massive arms and trunk-like legs. He wears a breastplate of polished metal with an ax in one hand and a shield in the other. His eyes and nose are large, jaw is square, and his hair cropped short.

Orcs call upon Iregal whenever the mood strikes them. Some humans pay him homage, but few others for he hates all races but his own. He is known to flood the occasional follower with his power, making them stronger and faster.

~Of Gods & Heroes

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