Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The Al Liosh

It came to pass that one day Baetan, a renowned hunter, picked up the trail of a large stag. He pursued it along the banks of the Udunilay for many miles. At times he sighted the stag, and it fueled his desire to bring it down and adorn his walls with the crown of its antlers. Whenever he came close to the beast it would flee from him. After many days stalking the stag, the forest ended and Baetan came to a broad open country of rich grasses, many lakes, pools, rivers and streams. Never, in all his travels, had he encountered such beauty and he named it then, the Al Liosh, the Land of Lakes.

The trail grew cold and Baetan never saw the stag, nor any sign of it, again, but he walked into the Al Liosh and claimed it for his people. No sooner had he done this then he discovered a woman dwelling in the wild, living alone on an island in the lakes. She welcomed the hunter into her home, feeding him with fish and wild berries. Baetan fell in love with the woman, and remained with her for many days, until at last she bid him call his people to him and bring them to the Al Liosh

This Baetan gladly did. Many followed him, for in those days they were still wanderers and unsettled. So they came to the Al Liosh and fell under the spell of Baetan's wife. Soon they learned that she was of the Val Eahrakun, and she had dwelt in the Land of Lakes for many years. She named herself Imbree, and all the people loved her.

Imbree taught the Aenochains many things in those days: how to shape iron, to hunt the fey, and bits and pieces of the Language of Creation, so that charms and minor sorceries were theirs to command. More importantly than all else, she taught them a secret knowledge, and knowledge she professed that was known only to the Val Eahrakun, which they kept secret. Imbree taught the Aenochains that they were the hidden hopes of the All Father, and that more than all else they should love themselves, for in them lay the world's salvation.

In time, Baetan died and his son, Peleos, born to him by Imbree became the chief, and Imbree became his consort. And when Peleos died of a poisoned dart, his son, Adlede, also born of Imbree took his seat next to her. So it was for many generations until at last the Aenochians grew weary of her lordship and meddling. Then the power she gave them turned against her, for they had little fear of her and no knowledge of Narrheit.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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