Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Top 10 End of the World List

Interesting list here, but I'm not buying it. What about Ragnorok. How awesome is the world ending...giant boats made of the clippings of unburnt fingernails, snakes that devour gods, a giant wolf large enough to consume the gods, frost giants and the end of all  . . . but the list does point out one thing. The subtly of an author like Ray Bradbury is genius.

Yahoooooooo List.

28 Days is in there, not sure about that one.... maybe The Walking Dead, but 28 days, though a fun zombie movie, wasn't as bad assery as the title sounds.

Not sure what they are missing but something seems to have slipped the list.

post script: This is a cool picture. And as commentary, that section of highway in the foreground, where there are 5-6 cars in the middle of chasm. Those people are in a tight spot, a real tight spot.


Steve Finnell said...

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully you mean 28 Days Later. 28 Days is a Sandra Bullock rehab movie, which is a different kind of zombie.


DesignZombie said...

That is funny Jeff!!! (lol)

Was "Logan's Run" considered a post apocalyptic movie?

Stephen Chenault said...


That's too Spirit Jeff!

Yes indeed I meant 28 days Later.


Stephen Chenault said...

Design Zombie! YES! That is a great post apocalyptic movie! That should go on that list for certain.

Run Forest Run!...er, wait, Run Logan Run. hahaha


DesignZombie said...

Yeah, I have been meaning to watch that movie again, so it's been on my mind lately.

(that is weird, I just noticed that this comes up as my original youtube page name and not Dustin Cooper, ha, that is funny. I can't keep up with all these google changes)