Monday, March 02, 2015


I watched an episode of X-Files last night: Gargoyle. It was a pretty good show, made me think of several things.

First, I'm insanely happy that a new X-Files is at least being talked about. Dana and Mulder had insane onscreen chemistry and if the videos from Comic Con are any indication, they have it off screen as well (I believe they are a couple now).

Second, gargoyle's dont get used nearly enough in fantasy RPGs. Its like the perfect, ready  made monster, but it always seems to get sidelined.

I'll have to fix that...have some writing to do this very day, looks like as good a time as any!

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Theonlyjb said...

Greetings after reading your blog concerning number one the X-files show which I would think would be freakin awesome if they would do... but only if both David and Gillian come back as moulder and sully otherwise it will be a waste of time like season 9 of the show. and number 2 I have been playing RPGS myself for awhile now and believe your right there isn't really much use of the gargoyle in a majority of them thanks for the awesome post