Thursday, March 05, 2015

Castle History

If you spend much time out doors, especially in the mid west, you know the wind will just slowly grind you to death. The sun, and snow, the rain and storms, are one thing, but the wind just blows. All year long. It just keeps blowing and blowing and blowing. Its why Indians and settles look so grizzled (though the sun didn't help)

So the first fella out there who thought "screw this" and built a wall out of mud had a pretty good idea. He could sit behind the wall when the wind blew and get out of it. Then he could move if he had to. After that he figured out that he could put up four walls and he didn't have to move (always trying to achieve a state of entropy). Then a roof.

But then people tried to take it from him, or bears got in his walls and cause all manner of problems.

So he but a wall around his four walls and a roof and he started throwing things at people and animals that tried to get in. He stocked it with food, made sure he had a well and then brought his animals in. People paid him to live in or near his walled/roofed house and he grew in stature.

Thus, awesome was born.

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