Thursday, March 19, 2015

They are Alive!

So when I was younger (last week or such) I watched some episode of the Twilight Zone or Night Stalker or some such show and in some doll came alive and terrorized the little girl's family. I can't remember the particulars, only one: it scared the crap out of me.

Its left me with a bad, uneasy feeling ever since...which is strange because I love toys....but the fear of the doll waking in the night, watching me, haunting made me hang all my sister's dolls all the time...which of course would probably just have made them more angry at me.

But now Barbie has made a doll that can talk to you. You talk to it and it responds to your questions! Your question is binged back to Mattel and the toy company's computers talk to you.

They are alive!

Of course, this is pretty cool. It might be a bit intrusive, your kid talking to a company computer via their favorite toy, but hey, its a toy company! What could go wrong?

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Anonymous said...

Just don't set the switch to Evil, and they're probably fine.