Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Entropy and Balance

I read an interesting piece on self-organizing nanotubes on The article speaks of the MEPP principle, the Maximum Entropy Production Principle. According to this natural law, all things seek to achieve a state of entropy, where the energy they consume is put back out as heat.

"Life emerged on Earth from the strongly nonequilibrium energy distribution created by the Sun's hot photons striking a cooler planet. Plants evolved to capture high energy photons and produce heat, generating entropy. Then animals evolved to eat plants increasing the dissipation of heat energy and maximizing entropy production."

Evolution is simply the process by which entropy is achieved. A system evolves until it reaches a state of entropy.

Or balance.

So if this is a law that governs our universe, what does it mean when dealing with artificially created intelligence? Is the creation of artificial intelligence part of our species' continued evolution? Or will artificial intelligence learn to evolve to achieve their own state of entropy?

The article in question speaks of self-organizing nanotubes. The researches put these nan-tubes in an unstable environment with charged electric fields and very quickly the tubes realigned themselves in such a way as to allow the charge to pass through them.

The self-organized...and they don't even have intelligence.

Singularity baby! There's going to be some brutal wars in our future.

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