Friday, March 06, 2015

Feeling it in your Bones

Literally. Scientists recently discovered that baleen whales hear through the long bones of their skull. Apparently is always been a mystery how whales hear. We know they emit various sounds and react negatively to all kinds of human made ruckus (thank the powers that be that phones don't work under water), but we haven't really understand their mechanism for hearing

Turns out, its in the bones. Literally. Bone Conduction. The sound waves pass through the water, through the soft tissue and down their skulls. They skulls are long and possess design that conducts the sound wave through its length.

Very cool stuff over at Science Daily. 

And apparently all that ruckus passing ships make causes the whales some distress.

We need Oceanic Quiet time.

This world must have been crazy quiet before the Industrial Age.

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