Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Funny Thing about Aliens is . . .

 . . . that I really want their to be aliens that visit planet Earth (I have absolutely no doubt that there is life on other planets, I will be a little surprised if we don't find it here, on another planet or moon, in our solar system). But worse, I really want to believe that not only have they visited Earth, but our government, and other governments, know about it and have worked up a conspiracy to keep it quiet.

Of course the real hard part of any of this is not the concept of visitors from another planet. Nor is the hard part in believing they have technology to hide themselves form us (don't the Romulans have that?). The real hard part is the idea that our government could manage a secret and convince enough people to actually keep it. Its hard to believe that all those people could keep a conspiracy of silence. I have little doubt that soldiers could, those guarded the bases like Area 51. But politicians? The idea that such a self serving bunch of people would keep their traps shut boggles the mind.

But it is possible. Worse things have been kept quiet. I guess.

But despite it all, I really want there to be something happening, something that elevates the the entire discussion into the realm of the realm of the X-Files.

Aliens. Planned invasions. Conquest. Conspiracy.

I definitely want to believe.

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Marty Walser said...

"The real hard part is the idea that our government could manage a secret..."

The real hard part is relativity. While we don't a full understanding of astrophysics, the speed of light limit still appears to be an unbreakable wall.

Not to mention the Fermi Paradox: