Tuesday, March 03, 2015


We have two kickstarters running at the moment, one from Troll Lord Games, the other from our parent company Chenault and Gray Publishing.

Victorious is a game that has floated in and out of the TLG offices for some years. Mike Stewart, the author, self published for awhile and created quite a fan base in his own right. Once we launched it hit pretty wild and has been doing well ever sense. In a nut shell, Victorious is a super hero RPG set in Victorian England. Not to be too pigeon holed, the whole world is the setting .  .  . it just starts in Her Majesties Empire.

The other Kickstarter is a companion book to our recently released Storyteller's Thesaurus, the Storyteller's Dictionary. He we break apart the many subjects of the fantasy, horror and sci fi genres and define many of the commonly used terms...castles, flora, fauna, temples, settings, mythology, weapons, and so forth.

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