Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What Happened to Good King Osric?

Many may have seen this, but I only just found it. There is a scene, seen below, in the original Conan the Barbarian movie that shows King Osric, the man who hired Conan and his companions to rescue his daughter from Thulsa Doom, AFTER he hires them and they depart. The scene was cut.

I always thought that the scene where he hires Conan was one of the strongest in the whole movie. Max Sydow does an insane job, as can be expected, and captures the horror of what has happened, and Valaria swooping down to get the fallen gems brings home what she truly is, a thief.

But it was always curious to me, as good as the ending is, that they didn't who the daughter being returned to the King. With such a strong start on this, his greatest, adventure in the film, why not finish it up. Some kind of something.

Well, here's why . . .

This cut scene should have stayed in the reel, it would have made the movie that much better and showed a warrior, much in the style of Conan himself, only in his elder years.

Damn you cutting room floor!!

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