Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Weapon of the Day ~ Mongolian Bow

It is undoubted that the Mongols had several different types but for this discussion we are concerned with one type. The Mongolian reflex bow is a composite construction. The use of wood, horn, bone and sinew glued and strung together. When unstrung, the limbs of the bow bend over the back to form a near perfect circle only 2’6” long. When strung, the bow retains a recurve shape and is about 4 feet long. This strung recurve is where the power of the bow reside. The bow can have a draw weight of up to 160lbs, though lesser draw weights are probable. (The capacity of the person to draw the bow is important). The length of the shaft is around 35 inches. These bows are designed to be used mounted. Its range is about 1200 feet.

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