Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Lake of Nunt

In the long ago Days Before Days Nunt came to Aihrde. His path was a lonesome one for his mind was twisted with visions of the River of Erde, that is the paths of the dead. His thoughts were lost in the gloaming of life. At some point he came to the Ethvold and there, beneath the cold dark eves of that vast forest he found a sanctuary. He settled beneath the waters of the lake that now bares his name and took the guise of a large white fish. Settling upon the bottom of the lake he became a conduit from this world to the next.

Or so the legends say.

What is known is that the Lake of Nunt lies deep in the Low River Country and is visited by few. The land about is dangerous, prone to flooding and filled with all manner of predacious beasts, dark hearted trees, and faerie whose lust for distraction has led more than a few to their untimely deaths.

The Lake itself is large, some 8 or 9 miles from east to west and half again the size from north to south. The waters are still, cool and deep, the center of the lake being roughly 420 feet from the surface. Very little plant life grows along the lake's edge, the pebbly beaches that surround it afford little purchase, and those that do grow and devoured by fish before they become much more than a small shoot. For this reason the lake remains the same size, year after year, swelling during the rainy season, and losing only a little during the dry.

Few creatures find purchase here, a dozen type of fish, frogs and turtles. But beyond that the giant carp keep all at bay, devouring the young of anything that attempts to settle in the lake itself. For this reason the lake offers good fishing for those brave enough to eat fish from the lake where a god of death is purported to dwell.

~Harvest of Oaths

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