Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Perpetuate the Species & Walking Dead

Of course you've seen the new trailer for Walking Dead Season 6 and you know that the new series is scheduled to begin in August (the 18th or some such). It's a whole lot of Walking Dead coming our way...but never enough.

The original show pitches you into the post-apocalyptic world, right after the event and drags you into and through the mud, sweat, blood and gore of it. The writing is fantastic by the action and acting are equal to it. You believe you're there. And that's why we watch it. Its the need to struggle for survival that drives us to the tv. We are hard wired to survive calamity...all organisms are...and when we don't have to, we instinctively look for it. Its not that we want it...there is plenty of it in the world today and it is ugly...but our biology yearns for it, because it hones the instincts we have to survive and thrive and perpetuate our species.

That's the new argument I'm going to use on my wife to convince her to watch it with me.

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