Monday, August 17, 2015

Bender for the Win

This should really surprise no one. As any business owner knows the cost of labor, with all the accompanying taxes, insurance, liabilities, etc, is, if not the largest portion, then at least gigantic portion of your cost. Driving that cost up, no matter the motive, will have consequences, and probably unintended ones.

This Washing Post piece has an interesting review of what's coming.

Smaller restaurants won't be able to do this of course, the'll eat the cost, pass it on to the consumer and live or die by whatever standards are dictated to them. But the larger chains, McDonalds (already suffering from a decline in revenue, will.

Look out . . . .


5 Stone Games said...

This is more of a political topic than I like but in the long run the whole fast food industry is going to suffer. The generally beneficial system we had, cheap food made by entry level workers sold cheap to families is over. This really is the main reason for fast food at all and while sure fast drive through snacks will continue, the market presence of these companies will decline.

Simply US has suffered from 40 years of wage arbitrage with wages as percent GDP dropping by 50% since 1973.

That means maintaining the same standard of living now requires two workers. Not good at all.

Also if most fast food and minimum wage workers are now adults, not teens.

This means each kiosk or robot cuts a consumer out of the loop and as automation and computers not even accounting for open borders issue are basically everywhere, it means simply less income for all.

Its gotten worse in the last few years with creeping credentialism as well , now entry level workers need college degrees and end up out the door with massive debt. This delays a lot of purchasing decisions, people not buying autos , not having marriage or family formation, less house buying and and more.

For small businesses like yourself it means a lot of people aren't willing or able to buy anywhere near as much stuff. We should be able to make a a decent go at retail presence. Maybe not as bountiful as in the past do to market shifts and taste but y'all make really good product that works well with the biggest game

What's killing you indirectly is automation since computers in the case create a low barrier to entry and dilute the market and of course some piracy.

IMO in a healthy economy there no reason a unique product like your Codex should have to be kickstarted since its useful to the market and no one has anything like it.

And yes some is market shifts, much is a collapse in the general economic system.

Functionally if everyone runs from the costs of maintain civilization by laying off people, gutting wages and automation, sooner or later, there won't be enough revenue to maintain civilization anyway.

We are seeing this in Michigan where formally paved roads are returned to dirt and we are seeing in the rise of an outright Socialist, Bernie Sanders. You know the kind of guy willing to tax robots at 5 or 10x what it costs to hire people anyway.

What we have is called decline and the only way to reverse it is for us, either through taxes or wages to pay the cost of civilization in full.

And yes there are many other issues in play, taxes, immigration, military spending, retirement and such but in reality its wages.

And yes I know from experience what its like to hire, its sucks and paying high taxes sucks and having trouble passing on costs can be crippling but I do not know any other way to have a functioning 1st world country

And yeah, I have a selfish motivation like anyone I want a higher standard of living and darn it I want C&C/Siege Engine stuff in print, in my store and in my hands (can't even support the kickstarter like I'd like too) you guys to be bigger /badder and bolder.

Its not your fault but automation is not helping and neither are the people whose solution is layoffs which create more troubles. I've seen my current town basically implode and its not pleasant. We have been lucky to have an FLGS make a stab at it but he is all miniatures and because of the economy doesn't have TLG stuff.

when it comes to buy more, I don't know rather to order direct or to order from him to be honest but I'll cross that troll bridge when I come to it

Whew anyway, rant over.

Oh yeah while I am at it, speaking of stuff, I wasn't really into C&C at the time it was kickstarted but is the Elemental Spells supplement supposed to ever be generally available?

I sure hope so. I'm a sucker for spells

Troll Lord said...

That sir, was an epic rant!

I won't go into politics but I will say that people coming out of high school and college are about to meet, and are meeting, an insanely tough nut. Between heavy debt, lack of proper (if unnecessary numbers), and a job market that is just not what it used to be....its going to be tough.

As for us, I will say Kickstarter has become as much a pre-order system as it has a funding tool. People are so insanely comfortable buying things on Kickstarter. Which is cool!