Tuesday, July 01, 2014

What's Wrong with Sheep Lungs?

Apparently the U.S. banned the importation of Haggis back in 1971 because it is illegal to consume a sheep's lungs, and haggis, as you well know, is chopped up sheep parts and mixed with oatmeal.

Wait? What? Really? Oatmeal?

Then its all rolled up in the sheep's stomach, boiled for a spell and served with whatever you so desire. Usually copious amounts of beer.

The ban initially took place because the U.K.'s sheep herds were madly infected with scrapie, a type of mad cow disease the U.S. Department of Agriculture instituted a ban. The herds have since been cleared of that maddening disease but the ban remains because in the U.S. government Departments are not answerable to anyone.

So the Scots have made a hard line push to remove the ban. Remove away say I!

But I'm still not eating any haggis!


Pat Payne said...

Haggis is banned, and yet Scandinavians in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan can inflict lutefisk at will on unsuspecting victims. Go figure.

Honestly, I'm against this ban on principle. The Executive Branch is set up to execute the laws passed by Congress, not make their own up will-ye-nill-ye. If Congress wanted to ban all scrapie-infested sheep products from our shores, fine and good. but, yeah, an unelected body horning in on the prerogatives of another branch of government? That goes down as well with me as haggis. Or lutefisk.

Troll Lord said...

I'm not sure what a lutefisk is, but assume its not a cow and not worth eating! ;)

Agreed on the executive, way oversteps is bounds, and has for a long time now, passing these rules through dpts. that are 'laws' of the land. Everything should go through congress, and the required to read it, and live by it.