Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Water on Mars

We've long known that water exists on Mars, and of course have assumed that the planet is slowly dying and has been for years, slowly loosing what water is has (or so we suspect).  And water of course is the only way we can conceive life forming.

But new studies show that water can form on the barren, very cold planet for a few hours at a time if the conditions are right . . . temperature, time of year and salt in the soil. Read more about it here.

We know it once flowed in abundance, or some liquid did at any rate, as we can see the river trails. We know it remains on the polar ice caps. We suspect it might be locked in the soil as well. So there may be more water on Mars, or underneath its surface, than we realize.

Basically, we just need to go there.

We need to pack up and head on over and find out what lays on that tough little Red Planet of ours. It would just be neighborly!


Anonymous said...

Yes, but which people should we approach first? Red? Green? Yellow? Hopefully not white or black--I think the greens are more approachable.


Troll Lord said...

Not the Warhoons!