Thursday, July 31, 2014

UFO Files

A strange object was photographed hovering over the Hearst Castle in California this past week. While looking through his pictures the witness noticed a picture of a bird flying above one of the towers. He then zoomed in to look at the bird and noticed some weird object above it. Further close up did not unravel the mystery so a UFO investigator has been sent over to examine the siting.

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I can't really say what it is. Doesn't look like a plane, but could be. A baloon as well. Of course the investigator will check local flight schedules of any airports, flight patterns in the area, and any other odds and ends that might explain the craft.

California has had quiet a few sitings in recent months.

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Sean said...

Looks like a tear in the fabric of reality. Pretty small though, so no reason to get worked up