Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Wall of Worlds

The Wall of Worlds is not a plane in and of itself, but rather a magical barrier that lies between the Void and the Inner Planes. It is crafted of pure magic and its nature reflects this. It was created by the All Father, but Unklar devoured it and cast it back out again as the Shroud of Darkness. After the Horned God's fall, some of the wall remained and Corthain refashioned it and placed within it the Runelords to guard creation from the Void and to keep those who Void from crossing into the Inner Planes.

Even in its diminished state its size is stupefying for the Void is infinite and surrounds all the Firmament and the Maelstrom. It can only be located through diverse magics and carefully crafted lore, the Winter Runes. When one does find it they are greeted with its seemingly infinite nature, for the Wall rises from bottomless depths and reaches limitless heights. It stands as a giant wall of fog and mist. At times it is calm, with the white mists quiet and serene. But sometimes the Wall rages in mindless anger, hurling great bolts of electrical energy through the heart of its own teeming clouds.

There is no physical limit to the Wall, so it is impossible to determine where one is in relation to any other plane or reality. Once breeched the Wall yields to the cold horrors of the Void.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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