Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The Tale of Areos

As a child, Areos, while hunting in the wood with his father and a band of men, came upon a woman in a grove of trees. She was tall and beautiful and a crown of golden finches flew about her brow. She smiled at him and for him the world forever changed. For suddenly he could taste the weather on the wind, and when he retuned to his father, he told them that a storm was coming and that they must hurry, though his father could see no clouds. He could hear the echo of an animal's trail and he told his father and the men that the deer they must have for the cook fires went to the north, though his father could see no tracks. He could hear the wolves before they howled, and when they returned from the north with the deer, hurrying from the brewing storm, he told his father that wolves hunted them, though his father did not hear them. But when the wolves found them in the wilderness they had fires set to drive them off.

~Gods and Heroes

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