Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The Cobbler

Tis said by men and dwarves that in the early days of the world, that it was dark and many creatures feared to tread upon the All Father's tumultuous ground. But one of their number came forward, and he was the first. He fashioned for courage for all to wear and this courage he placed upon their feet, so that that they might make the first step on the road to adventure.

And for this he was called the Firthnach, that is "courage", but by the dwarves he was called Moridain and by men simply the Cobbler. 

It is said by those who call upon the Cobbler that he is beneficent. The most common prayer is said over a newly purchased pair of boots, or boots that have been resoled or at the beginning of a journey: “Guide my boots Oh Cobbler, to a life of glory and adventure!”

But there is a greater, deeper meaning to the Cobbler for though he is called upon at the beginning of a journey or adventure; it is in the adventure itself that the true power of the Cobbler is told. Starting the journey is a hard and difficult task; but continuing the journey through the long hard toils of its unwinding lies the true test. And from the Cobbler comes the beginning and the journey. He does not foresee an ending, nor do those who follow the true mark of the Cobbler. He and they see only the path.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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