Monday, July 07, 2014

Star Wars A New Hope to the Screen

Okay, this is just awesome. Star Wars A New Hope is going to get a special screening in Atlanta on July 18 of this year. It is being shown on the 75th anniversary of Atlanta's oldest movie house. We've not had a screening a New Hope since 1997.

It will be the Special Edition Version of the film. Whichever, the movie holds up and has held up for close to 40 odd years.

If you in Atlanta go over and check it out….though lord knows what ticket prices will be.

In other news the latest Star Wars movie is on track to wrap in 2015, despite Harrison Ford breaking his foot. They've done another casting call for a few smaller rolls (according to Deadline they got 70,000 applicants) but that didn't upset the production.

Episode VII: Coming Soon!

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