Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Science Fiction Predicted All This

First thing you know, you snap chatting your buddy about game night and talking about the Planet of the Apes movie. 

Second thing you realize is that your phone service has merged with you retailer giant who has signed a deal with the FAA to deliver crap to your house faster.

Third thing is the government offers exceptions to the company because they employ so many people and are key to the job numbers reports which keep people up there employed.

Then your fighting zombies in some sewer because the techno-giant corporation experimented with biological agents and they escaped into air and killed 90% of the people, who then woke back up and want to eat your liver with beans.

Have we learned nothing from watching Resident Evil, Lost and countless other shows about giant techno-giant corporations? It always ends the same way, corporate control of country and people and often in some biologic disaster that brings on the apocalypse! 

Amazon has applied for permits and exceptions from the FAA to fly their drones in Seattle.

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