Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Need You Some Harry Potter Goodness?

In case you missed it, Harry Potter and the gang have their own website, pottermore.com. J.K. Rowling has unleashed the site and offered all manner of tid bits from the witching world and Hogwarts. The site offers all manner of entertainment from potion making to finding your House at Hogwarts. It also offers a snippet from the Daily Prophet with Rita Skeeter's Gossip Column.

Pretty cool site, actually something to do there. And of course it helps that those books are extraordinarily good books and the stories some of the best fantasy ever told.


Timothy Brannan said...

The new short (really short) story is cool. But it just made me want more.

Troll Lord said...

Yeah, this whole site made me nostalgic for the books. I actually only read them about a year or two ago, read all seven in a row, so I got to stay in Hogwarts for a long time. Its very cool that way.