Thursday, July 03, 2014

Mag Cars by Next Year

We always read about these things…super fast magnetic trains, pod cars, vacuum tube transit systems…but aside from a few trains here and there, there is little to show for it. Apparently that's about to change. In Tel Aviv, Israel, they are working on installing Skytran (not to be confused with Skynet). Skytran poses magnetic rails that have individual pods on them, allowing people to move about the city rapidly and at very little cost. Something like an elevator laying down.

From Wired: "SkyTran CEO Jerry Saunders says that the test track will be a 12-mile loop with a max speed of 70 kilometers per hour (44 mph). Saunderstold Reuters that a broader system could hit 240 km/hr (150 mph) and carry as many as 12,000 people per track per hour."
Its scheduled to go online next year…about the time the C&C Adventurer's Backpack hits the shelfves…and if true, it propels the people of that city into the future. An affective, low cost, little impact method of mass transit.

That is pretty cool.

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