Wednesday, July 23, 2014

John Carter Returns

Several years back Dynamite Entertainment, the comic company, launched a series based on ERB's John Carter Warlord of Mars characters…still one of the coolest Sci-Fi tales of written. They did so with material they claimed was in the public domain. ERB Inc sued them in 2012 for copyright infringement. Dynamite did go to extraordinary lengths to avoid certain titles, plots and characters during the comic's run, so one has to wonder.

Well the two antagonists settled out of court today (or recently) and have actually come to an agreement that allows Dynamite full access to the John Carter and Tarzan material. Dynamite plans on launching a new series called John Carter Warlord of Mars, now based on the original content.

This brings us more Warlord of Mars goodness, which on this tired old Earth, is a good thing! I do hope that get an artists that captures the essence of Carter a little better.


King Skalmad said...

I agree, a lot of those Dynamite issues had art that lacked the heroic flair I expect of a Barsoom adventure -- and I say that as someone who bought every single issue.
Oddly enough, some of the Dejah Thoris solo storylines felt more like an ERB story than the John Carter title ever did. The Dejah vs. the White Apes of Mars limited series and the Dejah vs. the Green Men series were both better than average, and a more thrilling read than John's own book.

Troll Lord said...

I'm going to have to check those out. I never picked them up, they always seemed to be missing something. Reminded me more of the Den storyline from Heavy Metal Magazine.