Friday, July 11, 2014

Elk Bones Pose Questions for…wait What?

In reading this article it seems that some elk bones were wrapped in fur and set in a bog, several times, over a long period of time. Not sure the time span the bone bags were placed, looks to be over a 200 year period, but  it happened about 11000 years ago, give or take a few weeks. This in Zealand, Denmark.

They are puzzled by why the bones were put there but one of the archeologists has this to say: 

“Back then people believed that everything in nature had a soul and to ensure balance they gathered the bones from the animals they had eaten and sacrificed them,” he explains. “That’s the interpretation that we used, as we can’t find a practical explanation for why the bones are gathered together.”

He adds that the ancient people believed that when animals were buried in the bog they would be resurrected."

Now all others things aside, that is an interesting statement and one I would like to see explained. How do we know they believed everything had a soul? How do we know they believed that placing things in a bog allowed them to come out. Perhaps, as one reader pointed out, they buried the refuse so predators wouldn't come hound their camp looking for scraps. Why we assume they believed that all things had a soul…cause we have no records whatsoever on that, really, nada…must be buried in our poor understanding of Native American culture, or some such. 

But we have no idea what these people believed, felt or thought. They could have been playing an elaborate game of hide and seek. Who the heck knows. Religion is a definite possibility, but we just don't know.

We need to get off that chartreuse microbus and quit thinking on these primordial people were/are some type of hippy commune, love nature people. There is every bit a chance that they hated nature because it KILLED them all the time!

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