Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Archie After Death, After Life

The beloved character from Riverdale has seen the zombie apocolypse in Archie After Life. The Trade paperback hit June's number 1 slot with close to 12,000 copies sold. I need to pick that up and see what happened to Betty…I fell into her camp don't you know.

But in other Archie news, in Life With Archie, which chronicles the lives of the group after Riverdale it looks as though they are pulling the tried and over used method of killing their main comic character for some unknown reason. Probably they need the sales. But it seems Archie will die defending his friend Keller from a would be assassin.

So what will happen to Archie next? Oh right. Nothing. The character is dead. Oh wait, they'll have to bring him back somehow…maybe in Archie After Life!

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