Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Ancient Treasure Trove

Normally you have to fight some foul monster to find the treasure, but it seems that archeologists have it easy. While seeking shelter form a storm in Dover England, a rock climber slipped into a cave where he unearthed by accident a number of ancient coins. Alerting the locals archeologists to investigate they continued to unearth treasure to the tune of a couple of dozen coins and a broach.

The trove was placed in the cave during the late iron age, probably during the first century BC or somewhere there abouts. They were gold and silver and a mixed bag.

Their purpose? None now can say. Some 2000 years ago someone crawled into that cave and hid the coins there. There's a good chance that whoever did it, was hiding from bandits, or was bandit in their own right.

Ashbourne news.

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