Monday, April 01, 2013

Walking Might be Easier

So in France it seems they are experimenting with using drones to deliver the mail. Some 20 drones are being issued to 20 different postal workers. Each postal worker will load the drone, send it to the house and then bring the drone back, reload and on to next house . . . and so on.

This is an interesting concept; not sure how practical it is. First drone to misfire and crash into someone's truck, or accidentally dump mail in the yard . . . of course I suppose that's no different than a mail man tripping in the muddy yard and dumping one's mail on the ground.

Interesting stuff. Read more.

post script: I've noticed that my mail men are always talking on their blue tooth now while they are delivering the mail. Always. Which is cool, I suppose it gets lonely out there (though I can't imagine such a thing), but I do wonder who in the sam hill are they talking to for 8 hours? Other mail men?

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Anonymous said...

They could be moonlighting as:

Phone sex operators
Psychic Hotlines
Tech Support
USPS complaint line operators