Monday, April 29, 2013

The Frozen Salt Flats

Unklar’s freezing grip and icy breath are still felt in this fell region. Once a great and open country where dark warm grasses mingled with thick black firs. Here Unklar the Horned God met in battle with the Unburdened One, the abyssal lord Naarheit. They wrestled upon the plain for many long years. Unklar brought the cold winds of the Winter to batter his foe, but Naarheit weathered them with ease, setting a pestilence upon the Horned One so that the land turned foul beneath his feet and he grew weary with disease. But he cast himself in the fire of ice and burned the flesh of Naarheit's poison. Naarheit lay himself into the earth and unmade it so that all about him was maddened chaos; he hoped to unmake the dark god but in this he failed and suffered damnation.

Though Unklar sought out his foe, he could not unearth him so he trumpeted his voice and brought down the heavens in an avalanche of snow and ice. And the land groaned, too late did Naarheit see that he madness was spread too thin and a glacier of Unklar making settled upon him and froze him and crushed him into the very earth he held.

The battle poisoned the land leaving it a horrible discolored  testament to the foul nature of the being consumed by the icy ground. Twisted and vile, pale colors of hate and rage linger in the ground. The lakes are filled with brine and sulphates; the water ways run foul with it; the land of jagged rocks, deep gulches, narrow cliffs are all twisted by the death throes of the gods.

This poisoned the land utterly and from that day to this it is a horrid place of stench and evil.

What little lives in this land is most terrifying, for only Unklar’s minions could survive in such an inhospitable place. But tales speak of massive white bears with long shaggy hair and teeth the size of small daggers, of slim six legged lizards with brilliant white scales that glimmer in the moonlight, and other fell beasts. Some brave souls do make their way to these lands, for into them fled the last remnants of Unklar’s people after he was cast down and they brought with them great wealth. Wealth that has long since disappeared into the caverns and palaces of ice beneath the frosty wasteland.

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