Thursday, April 18, 2013

In the Cold Cold Ground

Archeologists have uncovered a series of gravesides in Bucheres France that date back to pre-Roman Gaul. 14 graves have been discovered so far, most with armaments and riches setting them aside from the common gaul; probably warriors or chieftains. The find dates back to 300 BC, long before the Roman ascendency. At the time the Celtic peoples lorded over most of Europe, from Spain to modern day Poland. With extensive trade networks and the ability to make armaments the Gauls were a highly sophisticate culture. We know little about them however, for they had no written records and what the Romans left us was less than objective.

Amidst the graves lie a man and a woman, separated by a few inches of soil. He bore a sword, still in its scabbard, she fine jewelry.  More.

One can almost see them on that long ago day . . .  he with long hair and tunic, iron rimmed shield with sword at his side, behind him a woman in golden hair and a long dress and tunic of cotton; around them both another half dozen men in shades of armor, with swords or iron . . .

Art from Lindowyn

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