Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cease & Desist

It would seem that Fox didn't take enough from the fans of Firefly by canceling the show way back when. They want their hats too . . .  literally.

Fans of the show have been gathering at conventions for years now, enjoying their favorite moments, catching up with what might have beens and generally bemoaning the kill switch on one of the best tv shows to ever hit the airwaves. It seems that some have taken it a step further and begun selling Jayne Hats, as sported in the show when Jayne's mother sent him a home made hat.

Fox has taken umbrage at this and issued a large number of Cease and Desist orders. They claim that the imminent release of the Jayne Hat is threatened by the proliferation of the iconic character's iconic hat. Read all about it here.


Timothy Brannan said...

Honestly not surprised. This is what Fox does.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll have to hide my mother-in-law. She's called Vera.

Anonymous said...

there =/= their