Friday, April 26, 2013

Beer of the Day -- Cisco Moor Porter

Alright, it's Friday, so instead of a Word of the Day, I decided it would be more appropriate to do a beer of the day. 

This beer, the Cisco Moor Porter, is one of my favorite winter beers that carries over well into the spring.  It's dark and sweet but not annoyingly so.  And that's about all the fancy talk I'm going to do. :-) I just like beer.  This one tastes damned good.  I like to try them all.  If you like stouts or darker beers, try the Cisco Moor Porter out.  Have a great Friday night!


The 2 Half-Squads said...

Thank you for leaving out the "fancy talk". Simple is better. That erudite language reserved for reviewers leaves me feeling more stupid than usual. I say, "do ye like it, or do ye nay?" And more importantly, "did ye bring enough for two"?
Jeff Hallett

Tim Burns said...

the nice thing about these beers is that they come in large sizes. so even if you have to share, there is plenty to go around. well, maybe not plenty. lol