Monday, April 06, 2015

Back in 1588 . . .

Some 130 ships from Spain arrived off the coast of England. After several skirmishes and one large battle the armada, the Spanish Armada if you will, began the journey home. It was a rough time. They soon found themselves caught up in the Atlantic's currents and battered by storms. Many were lost at sea, others washed up upon the shores of Scotland and Ireland (the armada had headed up the east coast of England).

In all this three ships were separated from the Armada, La Lavia, La Juliana, and Santa Maria de Vision. These ships eventually foundered and were torn apart upon the shores near Streedagh Strand. There their men perished and the ships lay to ruin.

However, recently a cannon ball washed up on the shores of the strand. Clearly of Spanish make, it must have been from the Armada.

I'd like to think that it wasn't washed up on shore, but rather, as the ships were foundering some mad captain or sailor decided to attack England with his last breath!

"FIRE THE CANON!!!" He shouted.

"What? We are foundering. We are all going to die!"

"Indeed! But maybe we can score a hit on England before we die!"

"To what end? Some peasant's cow?"

"I care not! Fight to the end!!"

BOOM! and the ship went down.

Or something like that. Read on.

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