Monday, April 20, 2015

More Evidence for Stone Tools

Today electronic gadgets are all the craze, yesterday it was iron crap, before that  . . . a long time before that it was stone.

All the younger people were using stone. They used stone to hunt with, skin animals, they used stone to make fires, heck they even used them as back scratchers. Stone was everywhere. Everyone was using it. People stopped focusing, stopped looking around them and enjoying the world and its beauty. They just didn't appreciate what it was like in the good old days...before stone tools...when if your back itched you scratched it against tree bark by golly. They were always bent over their stone tools, chipping and flaking away.

Just a fad no doubt.

Read more, stone tool use pushed back about 700,000 years, pre homo-sapien at this point. Which isn't surprising.


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